Final Fling’s Life support system


Celebrating life’s ordinary and extraordinary moment’s with a hint of nostalgia, that’s Final Fling. Founder, Barbara Chalmers, back in the day when the summers were long.


Happy New Year from Final Fling – the positive thinking, forward planning, reality checking life support system.

Since Final Fling began its life in 2012 as a life support system for people faced with making tricky life and death decisions or those thinking ahead, the world has changed.

Back then, there was the Natural Death Centre, the Good Funeral Guide, Dying Matters and Dignity in Dying – each with a campaigning position trying to point the world in the right direction. And quite an old-fashioned set of services for the public to turn to, with too much emphasis on dignity and not enough choice about how we might want to celebrate and mark a life.

Now, the ‘Death Movement‘ has really grown. There are lots of fantastic people out there providing excellent support and creative options when it comes to death and dying. There’s the soft care of death doulas and soul midwives helping during the process of dying. There are pragmatic, open funeral directors and undertakers helping families get it right for themselves when they’re faced with choices around organising and funeral. There are flexible funeral plans. There are natural burial grounds providing beautiful spaces. There are craftsmen and women making beautiful artefacts – urns for ashes, wicker caskets, felt shrouds and more. Check out our Marketplace for ideas.

And there are Death Cafe organisers and a host of year round events making death part of the conversation. Getting it out of the closet.


Where do we fit in? We provide free life planning tools so you can think about what you want for yourself, help others with their decision-making and capture your wishes. Don’t leave the burden of decision-making till ‘time of need’. Plan ahead.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to sort your stuff. You’ll be glad you took half an hour to do that. And so will your nearest and dearest.



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