Final Fling users survey

To mark our first birthday and check how we’re doing, we did a ‘100-people-said’ survey of users.

We asked why people signed up for an account. Most want to be part of the Final Fling community. Sorting legal and financial affairs and recording funeral wishes are main motivators. Most are doing it for themselves rather than for another. More are interested in making an Advance Decision than a Will.

We were interested to see if people are progressing as they’d planned. 6 out of 10 had to admit that they hadn’t done nearly as much as they’d hoped. Some hadn’t achieved any of their goals. As one user said: “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Lack of urgency seems to be the biggest hurdle – always something else more pressing to do – manana. Lack of time and lack of clarity about our decisions get in our way too.

Great news though. Not a single person said they found it a tricky subject. So much for the taboo.

One user suggested that we could help with more bite-sized steps. We’ll be thinking about that for the coming year.

We wondered who our users are. We imagine we’re speaking to 45-65 year old women in the main. Of the 500 users targetted for this survey, 7 out of 10 came from our imagined group. Here’s what some of them said about Final Fling.

Thanks a lot for your fantastic website. It was a great discovery for me. Amazing work. Cheers from Galicia.

Love the site. It’s fun and informative. I must recommend it to all my friends.

I think your site is excellent. It’s all in the attitude!

Brilliant initiative. Openness about death and dying is so important. Thanks.

It’s fab. I tell everyone about it who will listen!

Great idea and on my list of things to do.

You are doing something so awesome. I think it will take time to get through to people – their problem, not yours – but you will get there and it’s SO worth it.

Love its positivity. Well done, B!

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