Funeral themes

Funeral themes are still a relatively unusual trend but I wonder if the trend to theme weddings might catch on and influence funerals more in future.

This pic is the Abbey Road inspired theme for Final Fling’s launch back in 2012.

The Sun newspaper’s popular psychic, Joan Charles, kindly came up with thoughts for Star Sign send-offs, exclusively for Final Fling.

All star send-offs

“There are four elements associated with the star signs: fire, earth, air and water,” said Joan. She’s matched these to some of the services and products in Final Fling’s  Marketplace and we’ve paired each element up with an artist whose work might fit well with designing a ritual, ceremony or send-off.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

All fiery, leading, driven, hot headed and adventurous. They love anything that stretches them to the limits and there is a kind of “no fear” part to them.

fire ritual

fire ritual by artist Douglas Strang

Ideal Final Fling elements for Fire signs

  • night time send-off or celebration
  • fire ritual with candles, torchlight
  • ashes made into a firework for a memorial
  • Viking style ceremony or firewalk
  • ashes incorporated into a diamond – fire signs like to sparkle

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

This caring, peaceful lot like to keep their feet on the ground and know what is ahead. They are the planners and will definitely want their thoughts captured in Wishes.

Nic Green

Ideal Final Fling elements for Earth signs

  • natural woodland burial
  • eco friendly coffins; cardboard or wicker
  • felted shroud
  • ashes placed into an eco urn
  • environmental art for a memorial

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs are always looking for new ideas and get bored easily. They like things to be done differently – like a statement of who they are.

Ideal Final Fling elements for Air signs

  • motorcycle hearse or vintage lorry: open air feel
  • ashes scattered from a hot air balloon
  • ashes scattered from an airplane
  • ashes incorporated into glass wind chimes, blowing in the wind
  • funeral gathering on a hill; breezy and blustery.

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Gentle and deep souls who like to weigh everything up intuitively before making any commitment. They’ll be interested in a calm and gentle resting place.

Rebecca Green ceremony
Ideal Final Fling elements for Water signs
  • ashes scattered onto water from a boat
  • ceremony outdoors by a lake, loch or waterfall
  • natural reef memorial
  • Paloma’s paperchains for decoration
  • dusk ceremony by still water, lit lanterns

Final Fling says: thanks Joan!

Joan says: “I was delighted to develop star sign ideas for Final Fling. Thinking like this gives you options that may be more in keeping with the person’s character and nature or even reflect their own wishes. It’s about a celebration of their life, honouring them and sending them off with love.”


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