Fling-o-Bingo card updated – end of life planning tool

We’ve updated our Fling-O-Bingo end of life planning tool after last week’s Dying Matters Awareness Week event, Byw Nawr (Live Now) in Cardiff.

What has bingo got to do with end of life planning, you may well ask!

Well, always looking for accessible ways to open up conversations about life and death decisions, we use bingo cards as a way of playing a game to identify the Top 20 Essential Documents Next of Kin will need.

“I always invite ideas for updating the card,” said Barbara Chalmers, Founder of Final Fling. “After playing the game with a couple of groups at Byw Nawr, I’ve added a couple new documents to reflect changing times.”

See the groups in action, playing bingo.


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See more info and get your copy of our Fling-O-Bingo blank cards and answer sheet to play with your friends, a planning group or with people you work with.


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