Dying Matters Awareness Week 2015 #YODO

Natalia Shipilova parentsDying Matters Awareness Week 2015 – #YODO for our Twitter friends – runs from 18-24 May. There are events taking place all over the UK.

Final Fling and others will be marking the week with a Death Cafe... the growing movement to encourage open conversations about life, death, loss, grief… all the things that have been a bit of a taboo for way too long.

If you have an interest in your own life and your eventual end of life, get involved!

Look out for Twitter chats every day from 1-2pm on various subjects:

The biggest single reason people visit Final Fling is to find out more about funeral music – either making choices for someone else or thinking about their own desires for their Final Fling: the send-off soundtrack to their life.

Our friends at Playlist for Life are interested in music too.  As you’ll see from their wonderful film about Harry and Margaret, where Harry comes alive – or the film Alive Inside – the same life affirming stories from over the pond, music and memory are magically interlinked. Music can have a really dramatic effect on accessing lost memory and there’s a high chance many of us – as we live longer – will find ourselves a little bit adrift in older age.

So, if you do one thing to mark Dying Matters Awareness Week, write down your Top 10 music in your Wishes on Final Fling (part of our FREE Life Planning Tools)- tracks that are part of your DNA. You might be very grateful later on.


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