Douglas Strang

Douglas Strang1
It feels like the beginning of the story of the world.
The Independent on Liminal


Douglas Strang has a background in the study of folklore and a deep interest in ecopsychotherapy – the critical role of nature in contributing to our mental health and wellbeing.

He makes art and creative performances and is happy to facilitate or collaborate on ‘Rites of Passage’ or plan funeral and life celebrations.

He has been working on Liminal, an ongoing exhibition/performance that combines art, poetry and physical theatre and has been staged in small rooms and 50 acre fields, eg at the Dark Mountain Festival in Hampshire.

Douglas Strang2

Pictish from Douglas Strang’s Liminal series

Douglas says: “Our culture has mostly forgotten or rejected the rituals that once so enriched our lives, and it has degraded the connection between humankind and nature that underpinned those rituals. I think art can play a vital role in redressing that loss.”

To discuss ideas and ask questions, email Douglas.

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