Does Final Fling work internationally?

I’ve just had a message from Karin, a new Flinger in Australia, who – having just signed up over the weekend – wanted to check: does Final Fling work internationally?

I thought I’d share my answer more broadly. Yes it does!

End of life planning across the globe is, at its core, the same thing. We may have thoughts about the care we want at the end of life. We may have ideas about the sort of send-off or funeral we’d like. We may have wishes we’d like enacted after we’ve gone. We will, for sure, have documents that next of kin will need to access to close down our life. These are global concerns.

The free Life Planning Tools that Final Fling offers will work anywhere in the world for recording wishes, leaving messages, passing on instructions. The Safe Deposit Box will securely store documents, references, usernames and passwords – the essential paperwork next of kin will need. The checklist we provide is based on UK documents. It was also sense-checked against US paperwork. It can act as a prompt for any country.

These days, many other markets are global but servicing death and end of life tends to be a very local market, so the Marketplace is mostly UK companies.  Most of the policy and government information is UK-centric though we also refer to great models of practice across the world – like the Conversation Project or the inspiring film about the power of music to enliven people with dementia, Alive Inside. And we share information on global cultural practices and death rituals.

We welcome blogs from users from all parts of the globe, so do get in touch if you can shed light on what’s happening where you are.

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