Digital Death Survey 2014

Laurie Bolger, Dead Social at Dying Matters Awareness Week 2014

The Digital Death Survey 2014 asks questions about what happens to our online life after death.

Launched by DeadSocial at Dying Matters Awareness Week, the survey runs till 30 June 2014 then findings will published and be made available free.

How do we plan our digital end of life is really the question. Our death in life doesn’t trigger our digital death.

The data attained from the Digital Death Survey in its first week was used to update a LivInfographic installation at an exhibition in Camden for Dying Matters Awareness Week. Infographics bring data to life – through graphs, pictures, or in this case, a 3D set. This living-infographic was devised by James Norris from DeadSocial and built with the help of Natalie Jackson and was updated over the week.

The installation was one of the initiatives by the DeadSocial ‘You Only Die Once’  (#YODO) Popup shop which included a range of workshops, Death Cafes, live music, poetry, photography and art in collaboration with the NHS, The Good Funeral Guide, Save the Male and The Natural Death Centre.

About DeadSocial

DeadSocial is an end of life tool for those of us who want to say “goodbye” in their own way to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

DeadSocial is helping us to address death digitally. They are also researching different ways in which digital can be used to assist the dying and the bereaved.

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