This is Me dementia care document

Peggy and crew, Butlins

I’ve just recently come across the great thing that is the This is Me dementia care document and thought I should share it.

This came up when I had the privilege of speaking in Cardiff at the Byw Nawr (Live Now) event last week for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017.

We were playing Fling-O-Bingo and I always invite the players to suggest fresh ideas for information sources and paperwork that could be critical to end of life.

One of the health professionals there mentioned This is Me, a dementia care document – so I checked it out. My lovely mum (pictured above at Butlins back in the day) had dementia. There are 6 of us siblings and my dad was still with us then to help as she faded away but not everyone has such a strong crew on their side.

Filling out a pen picture to make sure you can remain yourself seems like a gift to me. The name you like to be called, the things that matter to you – values as well as personal treasures, the things you’ve done in life, the routines and rituals that keep you well, the things that might upset or throw you off, where you get comfort, how best to communicate and more.

This was developed by the Royal College of Nursing with Alzheimers UK.

For more information about dementia care see:

National Dementia Hotline: 0300 222 1122

Alzheimers UK

Once you fill in the document, you might like to keep a copy in your free Final Fling Safe Deposit Box and share it with your keyholder(s).

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