Death of a pet


Pets are an increasingly important part of family life and for many people living on their own, a pet can be their ‘significant other’.

The UK is a nation (or group of nations) of animal lovers. Almost half of us have a pet.

And it’s more common now for a pet’s death to be marked with a burial or cremation.

Just as with us, cremation is much more common and this can be organised by your vet. You can take the ashes home to scatter in the garden or a favourite spot.

The RSPCA can take the weight off for pet lovers by doing their best to find a home for a pet when someone dies. You can register here.

Home For Life

Our friends Gordon and Alison Tulley of Respect Funerals own two natural burial grounds and are funeral directors. They have a special place called a Togetherness Meadow where owners and pets can be buried together. It didn’t come easy – you can imagine the red tape. Read more in the excellent More To Death magazine, produced by the Natural Death Centre.

We’d suggest that you might want to leave thoughts on the Wishes section of Final Fling about what you might like to happen to your pet in the event of anything happening to you.

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