Good Funeral Awards

Good Funeral Awards is now something of an institution in the UK.Barbara Chalmers, Good Funeral Awards

Final Fling won the award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Death in our first year of operation, 2012 – a lovely start and a great opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people keen to make life and death transitions as painless as possible. (We’ve been nominated every year since but can’t seem to tip the balance into a win again… the gift of the newcomer.)

Good Funeral Awards

The Good Funeral Awards in 2016 takes the form of a lunch and awards ceremony at the Porchester Hotel in London.

We always invite Friends of Final Fling to nominate us. Here are 7 good reasons to nominate us to get you thinking:

  1. Final Fling offers a unique set of Life Planning Tools – FREE!
  2. Final Fling is the most spirited, pragmatic and creative guide to life and death decisions.
  3. Whether you’re planning ahead or organising a funeral now, Final Fling has guides, checklists and tips to help.
  4. Founder, Barbara, works hard to promote openness around death and dying – hosting death cafes and other events.
  5. Final Fling offers guidance on death and dying, funerals, grief and loss… every aspect of end of life.
  6. Final Fling has unique films with experts helping ‘newcomers’ to think about ways of talking about death and dying.
  7. Final Fling events open up a safe space for talking, sharing and letting out emotions and thoughts that are sometimes bottled up.

Funeral industry awards categories

For people who don’t think of death as a job or the area as an industry, it might seem a bit bald and shocking to find there’s a competitive spirit out there to do the best and win. But of course there is. Why not? It’s our Oscars.

There are 24 categories, just like in Hollywood and the awards are well coveted.

Some of the categories are:

  • Most Significant Contribution to the Understanding of Death (the one we go for)
  • Most Promising New Funeral Director
  • Embalmer of the Year
  • Mortuary Technician (APT) of the Year (Team or individual)
  • Coffin Supplier of the Year
  • Crematorium Attendant of the Year
  • Best Internet Bereavement Resource
  • Funeral Floristry
  • Funeral Celebrant of the Year