Death Cafe London – exciting new plan

Death Cafe large

This is a pic of the lovely Glad cafe in Glasgow, home to a couple of Final Fling’s pop-up death cafes

There’s a cunning plan afoot to set up Death Cafe London – a permanent home for all things death, chat, support, cake.

Death Cafes emerged some years ago now… first inspired by Bernard Crettaz, Jon Underwood picked the idea up in the UK and it has spread like wildfire.

The model has been one of pop-up cafes or meetings held in cafes and other public spaces, providing free support, a space to gather and good coffee and cake to enjoy while chatting together about life and death.

Death Cafe London calling

Now it’s time to ramp things up. A bit of permanence (ironically – coming from Jon Underwood who runs a company called Impermanence!)

“After holding over 2,400 Death Cafes in 32 countries, we know that talking about death has been greatly beneficial for so many people,” Jon Underwood tells us. Jon runs – the site that will tell you when and where your local death cafe is next happening.

With the support of the Death Cafe community Jon has been working on a plan to open Death Cafe London.

This will be a not-for-profit permanently established Death Cafe, providing an ongoing opportunity to engage with death alongside coffee, wonderful cake and events.

“In order for this project to become a reality we need to raise funds,” says Jon.

So it’s time to put your hands in your pockets and dig a little to support this fantastic movement that has been an inspiration for so many communities up and down the UK who have used the model to host their own free events.

Invest in a community share – for sale at £50 each from today until the 19th December 2015.

What an amazing Christmas gift that would be… a share not just in Death Cafe London but in the future, supporting the ethos of helping our society do death better.

And if that feels like a bit of a stretch, you can support the Death Cafe London project by pledging as little as £1.

To find out more is visit Crowdfunder website.

Together we can make this happen.

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