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This week, I’m reaching out for Death Cafe feedback from anyone who’s attended a Final Fling Death Cafe.

I had a meeting last week with Dr Naomi Richards of Glasgow University’s End of Life Studies.

Naomi is researching into the phenomena of the Death Cafe and is interviewing Death Cafe hosts to find out more about their experience … where they first encountered the idea, how often they’ve held a Death Cafe and where, what motivates them, what they think the Death Cafe offers and more.

I find that there are some lovely regulars who turn up at many of our Death Cafes and always some new faces.

Sometimes I have invited feedback after the event, but I don’t any more because I think there’s probably a bit of processing that has to go on. I definitely find for myself that there are things to process before I can reflect.

So this week I’m asking a favour.

Provide Death Cafe Feedback

If you’ve been to one of our Death Cafes, please either comment below or for privacy, email us, just to share a few words of feedback to one short question:

  • What would improve our Death Cafes?

Thoughts welcome.


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