Death and Loss

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It’s a sad truth, but the fact is we’re all living and we’re all dying. As difficult as it may be to accept, death is an inevitable part of life.

At Final Fling we don’t waste time dwelling on the negative of this, instead we see death as the counterpoint that makes life burn brighter. So we deal with it in that pragmatic way and try to balance the ‘life goes on’ vibe with taking care of emotional and spiritual needs.

We want you to think carefully about the practicalities of dying, but also to see dealing with these facts as a way to really appreciate and enjoy the time you have left. No one out there is getting any younger; think of us as a source to help you get wiser about end of life planning.

We understand some things are hard to think about but planning for end of life and making certain choices will help make things easier in the long run-for you and your loved ones. Even if you are young and perfectly healthy, life is unpredictable and anything could happen to you at any time, so it’s important to take steps to decide what sort of care and treatment you’d want if this were the case.

Planning ahead

  1. Make the most of life NOW: start a Bucket List, sign up for our B Positive newsletter
  2. Store the Top 20 Essential Documents next of kin will need in your secure Safe Deposit Box
  3. Start a Memory Box to pass on secrets, treasured photos, your story, special messages
  4. Capture favourite music and ideas for your send-off in Wishes
  5. Get yourself a funeral plan.

Dealing with death now

  1. See our 10 Step Guide to keep you right when someone dies (below)
  2. Get our funeral planning checklist and funeral music Top 10 lists (below)
  3. Notify others or pay respects in Notices+Tributes
  4. Find a funeral director or Humanist or celebrant
  5. Understand the rules and options around funerals.


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Feedback please!

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How to talk about death and dying

Whether thinking about yourself or supporting another, talking about death and making plans for end of life helps get us closer to a good death. See our films Thinking Ahead, Talking Openly.