Count your blessings: Dr Kate Granger

kate grangerDr Kate Granger shares her thinking on life and death

“Three years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Out of the blue my priorities changed. Ever since my diagnosis I have been working hard together with my husband Chris on completing my Bucket List.

“The original list was somewhat modest. As the months have gone by the Bucket List has expanded to include events and experiences that I never would have dreamed possible. I found myself being presented to Her Majesty the Queen at the Buckingham Palace garden party, walking down Coronation Street as an extra and being hugged by Gary Barlow at the X Factor auditions.

“It has taken a life limiting illness to allow me the freedom to live my life in what I see as a better way. I am in some ways grateful to my cancer for allowing me to see what is important in life. I don’t want to sound clichéd or preachy but taking time to count your blessings and experience the fun in life every day is part of being human. It makes life worth living.

Read Kate’s blog.
Read Kate’s books about her experience On the Other Side (of the desk from the doctor) and On the Bright Side, living positively with a terminal illness.

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Kate sadly died in July 2016

Enjoy this film Dying Matters made to celebrate Kate’s life.

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