Cost of Dying 2015

when_someone_diesSunLife’s annual Cost of Dying 2015 report is out. And the good news is, the cost of dying is down by a whole £300. Which would be great except that’s down to £8,126. Ouch. Within that figure, the cost of a basic funeral is up to £3,693 and a quarter of the total cost, around £2,000 is for “the send-off”.

This makes it clear how important it is to know what someone wants for their funeral… especially because in our experience, most sensible folk would rather the family didn’t get into debt or waste money on a big funeral they would be happier without.

My dad wanted a cardboard box. The number of people I’ve heard say “oh don’t bother spending any money on me… a black bin bag’s fine”. But of course, without specific instructions, it’s unlikely that families will settle for anything less than a traditional funeral which is likely to run to at least £4,000.

Here’s how the Cost of Dying 2015 adds up:

  • fees for a basic funeral – fees for funeral director, cremation or burial fees, doctor’s fees for certifying death, celebrant or minister’s fees: £3,693
  • send off – newspaper notice, order of service, car for family, venue, catering, toast: £2,000
  • legal fees – settling the Will/Estate: £2,433
  • TOTAL: £8,126
SunLife Cost of Dying 2015

SunLife Cost of Dying 2015

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