Planning for death (not just the funeral)

Thanks to Compassion In Dying for their thoughts on planning for death this week. “When planning for the end, consider your death, not just your funeral,” they advise…

When we think of planning for the end of our lives, what will often come to mind are funeral arrangements and ensuring your affairs are settled after you’ve gone. But what we often neglect to consider is the dying process itself – what healthcare and treatment we might receive and what our death will be like as a result.

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This is Me dementia care document

I’ve just recently come across the great thing that is the This is Me dementia care document and thought I should share it. This came up when I had the privilege of speaking in Cardiff at the Byw Nawr (Live Now) event last week for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017. We were playing Fling-O-Bingo and I […]

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Caring for an elderly parent – where to start?

Caring for an elderly parent – where to start? That’s very ‘up’ for me at the moment.

We’ve been in rescue mode, driving an 86 year old for hours from a place of social isolation and increasing depression and anxiety to… well, you hope a place of some comfort and company but have to recognise it’s also in reality an unfamiliar household with different patterns, pace and rules.

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Donating your body to science

Do you have notions of donating your body to science? It could save a fortune on a funeral as well as do good by giving medical students the chance to practice or make discoveries. Final Flinger David Goldberg shares his experience of trying to organise donating his body to science.

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Long term care plans

Most people would prefer to live at home independently as long as possible. With the ticking timebomb of an ageing and growing population, there’s a real need to begin thinking about long term care plans – for ourselves if not our parents. If you decide you want to make some provision for your care, there […]

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Private healthcare

Private healthcare or private medical insurance is medical treatment you pay for (not NHS). People tend to opt for this to have more choice or jump waiting lists. Private medical insurance can include dental care.

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