Funeral parlours licensed like tattoo parlours

Scottish Government is introducing a statutory Code of Practice, an inspection programme and a licensing scheme for funeral businesses as part of a regulatory framework to ensure high standards of service. They’ll be working on implementation over 2019/20. In their consultation and investigation they drew an interesting parallel comparing the funeral parlour business model and […]

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Ageing population

The UK has a bit of a ticking timebomb on its hands: our ageing and growing population. In 2013, a House of Lord Select Committee reported that we ‘are woefully underprepared for ageing’. Many will live 10 years longer than previously expected – many will live on into their 90s.

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Final Fling users survey

To mark our first birthday and check how we’re doing, we did a ‘100-people-said’ survey of users. We asked why people signed up for an account. Most want to be part of the Final Fling community. Sorting legal and financial affairs and recording funeral wishes are main motivators. Most are doing it for themselves rather […]

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ONS Survey

03 July 2012 The Government has published the first survey of its kind involving 22,000 bereaved relatives to find out the level of care for dying patients. It reveals that only 48% of patients were always treated with dignity and respect by nurses in hospital. Half of bereaved relatives say nurses did not always treat […]

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Surveys about death and dying

Marie Curie reports on Death and Dying This report from Marie Curie Cancer Care pulls together available research showing that there are big differences in access, experiences and outcomes for people who are terminally ill across the country. Death and Dying gives us a much clearer understanding of the needs and experiences of terminally ill people and […]

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