It takes a village

It takes a village: exhibition tour

Good Life Good Death Good Grief (the Scottish cousin of Dying Matters) has been busy coordinating efforts across Scotland to mark Dying Matters Week from 9-16 May. A series of portraits by Colin Gray explores the idea ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, this time in the context, then it probably takes a village to support a death.

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Being mortal

This week, Sara Sheehan, producer, talks with us about her new film documentary “Mortal”. There are free online screenings of the film from today until 25 April. We love the look of it.

Sara tells us:

“We began filming our documentary “Mortal” when it was apparent that my father was failing. My mother was faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions to make and they all felt as if they were of life and death importance.”

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Good Funeral Guide new lease of life

The Good Funeral Guide – champion of the consumer around funerals – is to get a new lease of life. Fran Hall, one time chair of the Natural Death Centre, lead at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground for the last couple years, experienced funeral director and all-round-good-egg is going to working with the inimitable Charles Cowling, Founder of the Good Funeral Guide.

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Experiences of dying

This week, we’re shining a light on experiences of death, as witnessed by Kathleen Dowling Singh, a PhD who has walked beside hundreds of people in their dying stages. Kathleen shares her experiences of death – other people’s – in her book: The Grace in Dying. She concludes that however differently we have lived our lives, our experiences of death are remarkably similar whatever our culture or faith, wherever we live, when we have time and space to die.

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Table for one

“Table for one”. It can be a liberation, an embarrassment, a statement, a wee shame, a treat. Like everything else in life, it’s all about attitude, perspective and most of all, choice. I’ve just had a birthday. I chose to go out for dinner on my own in a city I don’t know. I’d flown in, […]

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Woman’s Hour moment

Bucket List moment today. Got onto Woman’s Hour! Listen again. Jenni Murray was her usual amazing self, interviewing Fling blogger Dr Kate Granger, Jenny Katzinger, Rabbi Julia Neuberger, fab funeral director Emma O’Driscoll (and daughters) with myself and Emma Freud doing the last 5 minutes. As I heard someone say today, every time you take one […]

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Planning a good death

To kick off 2016, Jane Duncan Rogers ran a Planning a good death workshop, incorporating her own book, her Good Death Checklist and Final Fling’s planning tools, giving workshoppers the chance to chat, share, think, talk, plan and record. Here, Jane shares a bit about the session and the feedback. Our sell-out Planning a Good Death […]

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Women Do Death Differently

10 years ago, it occurred to me that maybe women do death differently. That’s when I bought the domain name,  Final Fling, in the hope that I could contribute in some way. We’re more about emotional engagement than transaction. We’re collaborative, supportive, we cut to the chase and focus on the important things. We’re good at […]

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Can we compost dead bodies?

Can we compost dead bodies? If you want to get straight to the point with more unusual death questions, Caitlin Doughty’s yer woman!

In this short film, Caitlin – in her irreverent and always intelligent, informed and spirited way – Caitlin shares her knowledge and experience… in this blog about the question of whether or not it’s possible to compost dead bodies.

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Happy new you

Happy new you! Yep. That’s what Final Fling is all about. Making life the best it can be, whatever is going on for you.

So if you’re in New Year’s Resolution mode, new year, new start, new you, how about doing a wee bit of thinking, feeling, reflecting and planning that might set you off on the right foot for the year and even take a load off.

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  Thanks to Beccy who’s shared this great childhood festive pic of her and sister Emma and these thoughts about family get-togethers – so much part of this time of year – and memories. “On the rare occasions we meet up with my step-brother, some time is always set aside for a conversation whose loose theme […]

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Online funeral services

Thanks to Dorothy Paddon for this week’s blog about online funeral services.

Recently two people I cared about – a cousin, and a friend – both died in USA.

I’m not usually a fan of the American way of doing things – but I was impressed by the on-line facilities two funeral companies, in different states, made available, making it easy for distant mourners to contribute.

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