Too Busy to Die?

The limited edition guide Too Busy to Die launches on 14 October 2016 at Cheltenham Literature Festival, when Barbara Chalmers, Founder of Final Fling, talks about end of life planning.

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Being mortal

This week, Sara Sheehan, producer, talks with us about her new film documentary “Mortal”. There are free online screenings of the film from today until 25 April. We love the look of it.

Sara tells us:

“We began filming our documentary “Mortal” when it was apparent that my father was failing. My mother was faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions to make and they all felt as if they were of life and death importance.”

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5 conversations about death

Check out the Conversation Project in the US and next time you’re prepping dinner, dicing carrots or enjoying a bite and a glass with friends, use Final Fling as the perfect excuse for starting conversations about life and death.

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Nurturing, healing, love

Scarlett Lewis has written a book called Nurturing, healing, love. These were the 3 words her 6 year old son Jesse had written on the kitchen chalkboard, discovered days after he was murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in the US.

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Films on death and grief

Films on death and grief We have started a list of recommended films. Please do contact us if you have suggestions to add. Beyond Goodbye Remembering Josh: a 45 minute film that records Josh’s life as it was remembered at his funeral, with many wonderful musical contributions, stories and anecdotes. Beyond Goodbye: a shorter version of […]

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Resources & Links

This site is jam packed full of Resources & Links: information, tips, signposting and help.

Here’s what you can do:

Browse our big fat blog with lots of information and resources
Sign up to use our FREE Life Planning Tools so you can sort your affairs (and get on with leading your life)
Check out the Marketplace to find funeral services, legal and financial services, funeral plans and more.

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Funeral planning guides

There are many funeral planning guides to help you deal with a death and organise a good goodbye.
Having to order a book doesn’t help if you’re up against it for time – that’s why we have so much information on this website, but if you have time to think ahead – and let’s face it, we all do – it’s always good to prepare for the inevitable.

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Quiet Mind: relaxation

Being able to relax is critical when life is challenging. Here, counsellor, Farida Mutawalli shares a snippet from her stress-busting relaxation CD, Quiet Mind. Soundbite from Beach Relaxation The CD features 2 tracks: The Cloud of Relaxation and the Beach Relaxation. You can sit back (or lie down) and drift off listening to this ‘guided journey’. It will progressively relax you. Each […]

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