The Thing About Funerals Is…

The Thing About Funerals Is… is a two-part exploration of funerals coming up on 24 June and on 7-8 July at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. Brought to you by Final Fling, they will both give breathing space for the public to engage in conversations, reflection and provocations about how we say our goodbyes.

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Tribute to Ian Smith

This week, we share a tribute to Ian Smith, the focus of this month’s Festival of Ian Smith at Summerhall artspace in Edinburgh. Ian co-founded Mischief La Bas.

6 years ago, Friend of Fling Barbara Millar, now an award-winning funeral celebrant, wrote a review of the work of Ian Smith at the launch of The Briggait, the stunning artspace at the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, where Mischief is still based.

Barbara kindly shares her article as a tribute to Ian Smith.

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Resources & Links

This site is jam packed full of Resources & Links: information, tips, signposting and help.

Here’s what you can do:

Browse our big fat blog with lots of information and resources
Sign up to use our FREE Life Planning Tools so you can sort your affairs (and get on with leading your life)
Check out the Marketplace to find funeral services, legal and financial services, funeral plans and more.

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Adrian Howells :: In Memoriam

Adrian Howells was a UK-based performance-maker who created intimate and deeply nurturing theatrical experiences.
Adrian was one of the artists involved in Final Fling’s Day of the Dead Festival in 2013. Deeply saddened by his untimely loss, we have kept his entry on Final Fling as it was, in tribute to the work he offered.

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Josh Armstrong

Josh is a performance artist whose work spans a wide range of disciplines from theatrical design to intimate installations, collaboratively devised performances to direction of music-theatre works.

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Douglas Strang

It feels like the beginning of the story of the world. The Independent on Liminal   Douglas Strang has a background in the study of folklore and a deep interest in ecopsychotherapy – the critical role of nature in contributing to our mental health and wellbeing. He makes art and creative performances and is happy to facilitate […]

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Anna Ledgard

Everyone has a tale to tell if nurtured with care and attention to detail. In the hands of artists who use metaphor as a poetic tool, we have the capacity to transform individual narratives, to re-engage with our own narratives, as well as revealing something new about our connection with each other. Anna Ledgard works […]

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The team at Conflux create spectacular and dramatic events in public and private spaces. Conflux offer access to all sorts of creative people and performers from fire eaters to aerialists, theatre directors and performers to technical specialists. Look out for the Conflux festival – SURGE – in 2012.  The team and extended network have their […]

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