Write a tribute after a death

If you’d like to write a tribute after a death but don’t feel able, here’s how to do it – inspired by a participant in our recent Absent Friends Supper. Writing a tribute is a lovely way of remembering someone who mattered. It lets us get to the essence them by recalling some of their […]

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Gravestone words

Robin Hyde-Chambers at family-owned funeral services company R Hyde-Chambers Funeral Directors blogs for us this week on gravestone words. “Epitaphs are the words inscribed on a gravestone as a lasting tribute to people who have died. The words on their tombstone usually reflect the characteristics that made them special. “They’re usually an emotive, eloquent tribute to […]

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Say their names

We lost a friend suddenly. A friend of a crowd of us. None of us really knew her family – as often happens.

A year on from her funeral, I wanted to post a wee tribute on Final Fling.

Why? I wondered.

I think it’s like the importance of the ‘say their names’ campaign run by The Compassionate Friends who encourage families who have lost a son or daughter to say the names and tell the stories of our loved and lost.

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‘Deidiversary’ – the anniversary of a death

Sharon Driver shares how she copes with the anniversary of a death – her husband’s. Sharon has harnessed the Scots word, ‘deid’ to create a unique word for the anniversary of a death… a ‘deidiversary.’ Sharon says: We all experience loss in our lifetime – loss of confidence, loss of purpose, loss of self and the ultimate […]

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National Tomb Sweeping Day

  April features national Tomb Sweeping Day in China. It’s a one-day holiday to pay respect to ancestors. I’m alert to this because I’m busy packing my bag for China and planning a good (respectful) rummage around to see what I can find our about their culture, traditions and relationship with death and dying. On Tomb […]

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Notices and tributes

Notices and tributes is part of the Life Planning Tools on Final Fling. It acknowledges that in this age of social media, people sometimes want to express grief and celebrate a life together in an online community.

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Beyond Goodbye

Beyond Goodbye – dealing with bereavement Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds lost their son Josh in a road accident while he was on his travels Vietnam in early 2011. He was only 22. To help them work with their loss, to help others facing bereavement and to keep Josh alive in their lives, they set […]

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