Investment opportunity

Interested in an investment opportunity? I hope you’ll use Final Fling to invest in yourself and your significant others. You can use our Life Planning Tools to capture, store and share your memories and valuables (stories, home movie clips, sound files) and make sure your digital legacies don’t get lost among your digital litter. I’ve been […]

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Women Do Death Differently

10 years ago, it occurred to me that maybe women do death differently. That’s when I bought the domain name,  Final Fling, in the hope that I could contribute in some way. We’re more about emotional engagement than transaction. We’re collaborative, supportive, we cut to the chase and focus on the important things. We’re good at […]

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Living well dying well

I’ve just been in London speaking at Living Well Dying Well’s conference. What a great event.

It’s inspiring to get together with like-minded folk and share what’s happening. There’s a swell, a movement afoot that might help us get back some of the skills in our communities that we used to have so that we’ll be better able to live and die well.

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Give a kidney

This week Chris Burns-Cox talks to us about Give a Kidney, the charity he founded after his own amazing experience of donating a kidney.

“Six years ago I read in a newspaper that a GP from Surrey had given a kidney to a stranger …

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Humanism | A Quiet Revolution

Final Fling is connected to the Scottish Charity, A Quiet Revolution… a small, quiet movement to promote creative and positive living in a Humanist way. A Quiet Revolution aims to encourage human beings to fulfil themselves by paying attention to the things that matter most and bring most meaning in life… love, care, mindfulness, friendships, ‘family’ – in […]

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Design for Death symposium

In August 2012, Final Fling teamed up with Snook – the fab young service designers who graduated from art school on a mission to change the world. Barbara Chalmers and Lauren Currie hosted the day. A couple dozen people from health, care, hospices and charities came to Glasgow’s Lighthouse to explore the question: “How can we do death better?”

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