Burial plots

housewarm your burial plot

Here’s a sparky idea for party animals. A housewarming for burial plots.

If you hate to miss a party, this might be for you.

Page Hodel, who created the lovely tribute site Monday Hearts for Madalene shared a story with Final Fling about a great idea for engaging with mortality, embracing departures… and paying tribute to ourselves and our friendships while we still can.

On a trip to San Miguel de Allende for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead to us the UK), she met 4 women expats. Over dinner one of them revealed that she’d already bought her plot for her own burial.

Page told me: ”Well over several short glasses of tequila she shares that she invited her best girlfriends to go with her to her cemetery plot BEFORE SHE DIED and to have a picnic; and kind of “housewarming” for the plot before she was in it.

“I just LOVED the idea of that. So spirited and fun – in the spirit of what Final Fling is doing to help people to “own” their final arrangements.”

If you know anyone who plans to create their own funeral, send-off, celebration, mourning, wake, tell us about it.


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