The benefits of planning

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Planning ahead gives you peace of mind. It takes the burden off family.

See the Top 3 reasons for planning.

One of Final Fling’s users, Val, told us that she’d no idea sorting out her end of life plans could be so much fun! She’s not expecting to die any time soon, but she likes to be in charge. She’s sorted her Will and some of her paperwork in her Safe Deposit Box and has uploaded some personal info in her Memory Box to share with her kids.

Another user, we’ll call her Sarah, knows she’s going to die soon. Final Fling has been a vital support to her, enabling her to engage with her life and death. “One day I had mentioned to my carer that I was going to make my end of life plans after her visit. Next think, psychological services turned up, thinking I was about to kill myself. I just meant I had some more things to sort on Final Fling. I love it. I’ve renamed my Bucket List as my F*** It List and I’m working through my goals.”

Leave messages to people in your Memory Box, tell your story. Arrange to tackle Big Fat Goals or plan an afternoon tea in your Bucket List. Leave some instructions about tone, style, music in your funeral Wishes.

Some people don’t plan ahead because they pretend it’s never going to happen or think it’s ‘asking for it’. For people who know death’s just around the corner, there may be strength in dealing with the reality, taking control. Evidence shows that people who plan and discuss what they want tend to have better deaths and it’s usually easier for those left behind, knowing they were able to do the best they could.

See our short film on the benefits of planning ahead:





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