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You can get help and advice on benefits, services and other welfare entitlements from a number of sources.

The phone directory and Thomson’s Local have these numbers right at the front. There’s a host of charities and other organisations set up to support people to live well:

Local Council

Your local Council is a critical starting point. They have responsibility for housing and social services, children and families. They will help with aids and adaptations to help someone live independently at home, assess the need for care workers to come into the home, provide advice on benefits, income maximisation and debt management, help fight rent evictions, advice on council housing and more. Ask for the Duty Social Worker as a starting point to get help round the maze.  See more.


The NHS and social and care services provided by Councils are increasingly blurred at the edges and the locally, the chief executives of both the health board and the Council will be held jointly accountable for the quality and standards of care. For more information on local NHS services see:
NHS England and Wales
Northern Ireland

The Department of Work and Pensions/Direct Gov

This site tells you all about your rights and responsibilities and has advice on what to do when someone dies, along with information on benefits and entitlements. The information is good but it’s not all that clear on what you can apply for or how. For example, if you have 6 months to live you are entitled to the higher level Disability Living and Attendance Allowance without going through an application processes (half all cancer patients who’re entitled to this never claim it). Might be worth checking with Citizens Advice if you struggle to interpret what it means for you.  See more.

Citizens Advice

Advice on benefits, payments, allowances after a death and help with low income support. See more.

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