Anna Ledgard

Anne Ledgard1

Everyone has a tale to tell if nurtured with care and attention to detail. In the hands of artists who use metaphor as a poetic tool, we have the capacity to transform individual narratives, to re-engage with our own narratives, as well as revealing something new about our connection with each other.

Anna Ledgard works with the arts in health and education and is interested in the role of art in rites of passage of all kinds.

Anna is training to work with individuals and families to support them at the end of life. This is a non-medical role providing emotional and practical assistance and is designed in response to individual need. Anna has also trained in ceremony and ritual making with Dead Good Guides.

Anne Ledgard2

Anna is a producer, project manager, researcher, lecturer and professional development leader with 25 years’ experience shaping collaborative participatory arts practice with schools and arts & cultural organisations.

Email Anna or see her website.

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