And finally… a few kind words

Fling Founder, B (right), with Hilary Peppiette, death doula, at the Scottish Funeral Awards.

I’m all about meaningful rites of passage. Small or large rituals to mark changes in life. As part of my own rite of passage to mark the process of winding down Final Fling, I want to share some of the lovely tributes I’ve been enjoying this month since I let users know that for me, it’s time for change.

“Final Fling always pushing things
along at the cutting edge
and redefining ‘normal’.”

Mark Hazelwood, Good Life Good Death Good Grief

User tributes

“Thanks for everything you’ve done over the last decade, making this subject one to talk about and not avoid.  I found it invaluable in helping my Mother during her end of life and ensuring her send-off was in accordance with her wishes. Busy sorting my own out now.” Don

“You’ve been my go-to when trying to face tough mortality issues so positively.” Hazel

“Thank you so much for the inspiration you gave and the different ways of thinking about death that you introduced people to.” Susan

A constant inspiration

“Your ideas and website were a constant inspiration.” Viv

“I have found FF inspirational in getting me going with Advance Planning.” Polly

“A wealth of resources that I am sure has enriched the lives, and deaths, of many.” Sharon

“You have done a splendid, unique and much needed job.” Jim

“Thank you for all the work you have done in helping me think constructively about death and dying.” Pauline

“I am so grateful to you for all you have done in helping people talk about, and look at their Final Fling, in such a positive way.” Tess

“An excellent source of information and advice with a very healthy outlook on life and death. Thanks to you for your valuable contribution to an important topic.” Jeff

“You have given such a lot of love, time and energy to Final Fling over the years – what a wonderful gift to everyone who has used it in whatever way. Awesome. It makes me smile to think how infectious your energy and playfulness is, and how I have always felt better in every way after one of our meetings. Thank you.”

Hilary Peppiette, Death Doula

Worldwide reach

Thanks too, to users from across the world, grappling with the universal challenge of having agency and choice at end of life:

“I have loved Final Fling. It has been such a source of rich information.” Helena, South Africa

“Thanks for your conviction, your engagement and your efforts, from Flanders with my deep regards.” Tarsi

Master of Funerals

Gendered language aside, I studied a Masters in Design innovation at Glasgow School of Art a couple years ago. I’ve been delighted to share my (ahem, award-winning) findings with others exploring this field, like Katie Rose. “Thank you. I am really excited to read it. I would love to stay in touch and sometimes seek your advice as a death positive friend. It is such a wonderful bond. I appreciate you, Katie Rose”

Doesn’t get much better than that for me.

Onward journey

If you want to keep in touch as I continue my journey, do sign up here.

One thought on “And finally… a few kind words

  1. What a wonderful resource you have provided, Barbara, thank you very much. It has been helpful to me and to colleagues in preparing ‘Funerals’ training and planning for our church community as well as to ourselves. Your legacy will be beneficial to everyone you have helped, well into the future. All good wishes for your own future!

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