Alternative to writing a Will

tombolaIs there an alternative to writing a Will? 

To be honest, we don’t really think so.

Writing a Will is a simple enough process – in the right hands, with the right knowledge and the right set of “what if…?” questions to make sure you get what you want at the end.

And it probably won’t cost more than £180 for a couple of Wills and a couple of Powers of Attorney (that’s before registration fee.) Really, it’s a bargain for peace of mind.

But since we like to think of Final Fling as spirited, creative and a wee bitty alternative, we really felt we ought to try.

One alternative to writing a Will

So we were tickled pink to stumble across a genius idea.

We were on the way back from updating our Wills this month when we bumped into our friend Gail. So obviously, this was the topic of our conversation.

Like most sensible people, Gail had given some thought to writing a Will in the past.

She decided that, for now at least, she probably didn’t need to. For now, she has her own thoughts on what to do with her stuff “in the event”.

She’s left clear instructions with friends that they are to organise a tombola. Love it!

She’s asked them to put a ticket on everything she’s left behind, have a wee farewell party and draw tickets to see who the lucky winners are.

Very Final Fling.

Thanks for sharing Gail.

If you have an idea to share for alternative ways of living and dying well – give us a shout. We love to welcome guest bloggers with fresh ideas.


One thought on “Alternative to writing a Will

  1. This has given me food for thought. I really don’t feel I need a will but organising a more fun way to share out my belongings really appeals. This is now something I will take forward. Thanks for sharing this.

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