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Copyright Chris Watt 07887 554 193 Barbara Chalmers, Founder of Final Fling, a spirited approach to end of life planning

Copyright Chris Watt | 07887 554 193 |
Barbara Chalmers, uneraounder of Final Fling, a spirited approach to end of life planning

Final Fling has made the headlines in the news and media locally, nationally, and internationally many times since its launch in April 2012.

Blogs, TV, radio, daily and Sunday newspapers, magazines, e-zines, chat shows, journals – whether broadcast media or print, online and offline, they’ve all carried stories about Final Fling.

We don’t always catch them but here are some of our moments:


  • Jul: Glasgow Live profile with Elaine Livingstone
  • Jul 9: STV News Live on funeral costs and funeral plans (17’06” in)



  • Aug 29: The Guardian Anyone for tea and sympathy by Harriet Sherwood
  • July 27: The Telegraph: We need to talk about death by Ruth Wood
  • May 19: The SunPunters flocking for chats on death as our Death Cafe sells out


  • Nov 21: Financial Times: The Silver Economy: Technology to bring funerals into modern age
  • May 26: BBC Radio Scotland‘s Sunday Morning With show checks out Final Fling’s Death Cafe
  • May 4: The Guardian interviews Final Fling about the role of the death doula


  • Dec 8: STV reports on Final Fling’s tribute to Nelson Mandela
  • Oct 21: Evening News reports on Final Fling Day of the Dead Festival
  • Oct 18: Biz report on Trudon launching Final Fling in South Africa
  • Oct 9: Canadian marketing experts blog on Fling taking on the ultimate marketing challenge.
  • Aug 23: Daily Record: We’ll make sure you go out with a bang
  • Aug 8: Death Cafe: a social approach to the big sleep – The Drum review Final Fling’s Death Cafe
  • Jul 16: AgeScotland blog: all about Final Fling
  • Jul 4: Brooklands Radio podcast: all about Final Fling: Barbara speaks to Dani Maimone at the launch of Clandon Wood
  • Jun 11: Death Cafe…it’s good to talk WestEnd Report
  • May 15: Death Awareness Week and Final Fling Death Cafe: IRISS FM 
  • Apr 5: 1st birthday survey reveals death is no taboo
  • Mar 26: Death Awareness Week: Final Fling hosts Scotland’s first Death Cafe and offers free Wills
  • Feb: Woman & Home Magazine recommends Final Fling for the wired woman


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Industry awards

  • 2012 Joy of Death Festival award: Most Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Death in the Media, Good Funeral award.
  • 2012 Media award: Best New Website,  Web User Magazine. How Final Fling beat off JK Rowling, Nintendo, Ryanair Hotels, BA and Queen Victoria.


BEST NEW WEBSITE, 2012 Web User Magazine ***** 5 star rated “Packed with useful and well-researched information… practical, clearly explained advice and interesting sections such as tributes and inspiring ideas, the site is neither morbid nor sentimental. Superb. Impossible to fault in terms of design, content and features. Bookmark it now!” “fresh thinking is helping us plan the kind of final fling we feel we deserve” The Independent “breathes life into funerals” The Weekly News “transforms the way we contemplate death and the memories we leave behind” Connect Magazine “makes it easier for people to plan their death” Sunday Times “the idea is not about being frivolous but moving away from the cookie-cutter mentality towards funerals to a more personalised bespoke experience” The Herald “Your family will never know how you want to go unless you tell them”Scotland on Sunday “practical and useful information about the choices, advice and emotional support available” Funeral Service Times

Words of support

Richard Holloway, writer and broadcaster “I hope it goes well. Every life needs a dying to complete it. It is dying that finishes us, that ends our story. Our brief finitude is but a beautiful spark in the vast darkness of space.  So we should live the fleeting day with passion and, when the night comes, depart from it with grace.” See profile of Richard.

Josefine Speyer, founder of the Natural Death Centre

“I wish Barbara all success with Things have moved a long way since we founded the Natural Death Centre 21 years ago, in April 1991. Slowly but surely as a society we’re realising how important it is to ‘own’ our own death and to take a more active role in preparing for dying and creating meaningful end-of-life rituals. Final Fling is an exciting new project aiming to help people accept death as a natural part of life.” See profile of Josefine.

Sue Gill of Dead Good Guides

“We wholeheartedly support what Barbara is doing with We’ve been working in the area of enriching rituals for a number of years and the more resources, signposting and ideas out there, the better.”  See more about Dead Good Guides.

Emaho Montoya, spiritual leader

“Beautiful work, Final Fling. It’s extremely helpful to have a very different perspective in handling  death: an event that is as  natural as taking a deep breath.” Emaho

Art Honors Life gallery, California

“A charming, helpful, cheeky resource for planning your Final Fling. Freshly minted in Glasgow and a great read. Wonderful, comprehensive and beautifully, artfully, enjoyably shared compendium and stimulus to consider all things end-of-life related while we can still enjoy the process. I am now very eager to explore every nook and cranny of your site, which is so very cool!” Maureen, The Gallery at FUNERIA Art Honors Life “Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. Very readable, sensitive and practical.” Lesley.  “This is a really great website. Me and my partner need to write a will as we’re new parents. It’s one of things we keep putting off but we’ll sit down now and look at the Will.” Hazel. “Many congratulations on this fantastic website… It contains everything anybody could possibly need in relation to sorting out that final fling… I have dreamed of a site like this – beautifully designed, easy to navigate, it is like an online magazine/ manual/ guide and forum all rolled into one! I’ve been telling everyone to check you out!” Evelyn Go Your Own Way celebrants “Very impressed with your website – I was looking for the usual commercial hitch and cheesy funeral trade language, but it isn’t there. Fantastic” James, Leedam Natural Burial Ground