Using Final Fling – a user’s tale

Sue Friston, Flinger, hosting a Death Cafe in Malvern

Sue Friston, Flinger, hosting a Death Cafe in Malvern

This week, Sue Friston, Final Flinger, shares her experience of using Final Fling, one year on.

I thought it would be useful to share with others to make 3 key points:

  • you don’t have to do everything at once
  • one action is better than none
  • keep it up… one step leads to another.

Sue shares:

“So a whole year eh!  

“And just for the record, I’ve done absolutely nothing – not posted a thing on this wonderful site so far. 

“But – I have made a Will with a lawyer and everything. (I’m 59 and a half and this is my first ever Will.)

“I continue to facilitate a Death Cafe three times a month and I’ve done a bunch of media interviews along with the death cafe group.

“I continue to eek away at the layers of accumulated clutter and chaos and grime in the family home of 50 years which I’ve now moved into to care for my dementia’d mother.

“And got her into day care twice a week and found a part time back up carer.

“And I dont get so phased when my brother won’t discuss stuff and is too busy to call in (he lives 200 yards away).

“And I’ve kept up going to the gym every other day for the past two weeks (this is a BIG thing for me, another first ever). Fingers crossed it’ll continue after this New Moon.

“And I am loving that this Final Fling site is there ready for when I get myself on the brink of being sorted in even one of these helpful areas.

“So thank you, and keep up the good work.

Best wishes, Sue

We’ve invited Sue to share how she gets on going forward, so watch this space.

Sue was prompted to share because she had a note from us congratulating her on being with Final Fling for a whole year and inviting her reflections.

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What we’d hope, one year on is that you’ll have:


We’re always open to feedback so do email with thoughts about your own experience.

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