3 reasons for planning


These are the Top 3 reasons for planning, according to Age UK:

  1. Save family the burden.
  2. Peace of mind
  3. We’re all going to die!

Final Fling’s survey of users shows why we’re a bit rubbish:

  1. It never feels urgent – I’ll get to it tomorrow, next week
  2. I never have enough time
  3. I’m not sure what I want.

One good thing, not a single person was fazed by the thought of planning because they found death a taboo.

Need persuading?

Watch this excellent film by Dying Matters to see the benefits of thinking ahead and planning:

See our short film to hear about the benefits of planning ahead.

Why we don’t prepare
  • fear of death and dying
  • lack of knowledge about the options
  • not knowing when death will occur; not urgent
  • more pressing financial priorities
  • superstition: “tempting fate” “if I plan it’ll jinx me”, “making a Will is asking for it”
  • denial: “it’ll never happen to me”
  • concern that it can’t be done without high legal or other fees
  • don’t have anything worth leaving

Exactly. Rubbish reasons.

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