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Welcome to Final Fling

I’m delighted you’ve found Final Fling – a community to help you accept mortality and plan for the end.

See 10 Things to Do on Final Fling to get you going.

Use our free Life Planning Tools  to capture and share your paperwork, precious memories, wishes and decisions:

Too busy to die?

Most of us realise it makes sense and feels good to be organised but we’re often just caught up in the day to day. Treat yourself – or another you’d like to help – to our printed guide – Too Busy to Die7 Steps to planning for the end.
It’ll help you see the whole picture and take it one step at a time to get on top of all this.

Planning ahead – funeral plans

Final Fling logoO logo - Open prepaid funerals, funeral planA good starting point is to set up a funeral plan… get some peace of mind and save others the burden of planning at a vulnerable time.

We’ve teamed up with Open Pre-paid Funeral Plans to offer 3 flexible funeral plans – designed to offer you choice. It’s simple to sign up and check this off your list.

See information about funerals to help you understand choices:

You’ll realise there are very few rules but many of us opt for ceremonies that are attached to our religious, faith or spiritual practice. These are tried and tested and can save thinking about elaborate plans at a confusing time.

Sign up for a FREE account. See our how-to guide to step you through setting up an account and ‘posting’ if you’re not familiar with the concept. Email if you have any questions.

Share your story

We’re all about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives. Our mission is to help them live their lives – however long – the best they can. We love that all our Final Flingers are doing their bit to take control. Share your story with us. Email us.

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Did you know…?

  • 100% of us die.
  • 97% don’t shop around for a funeral – even though the average cost is a crazy £8,000+.
  • 90% don’t have a funeral plan – funds set aside to cover the basic costs.
  • 70% don’t have a Will – what a headache that can be for family.
  • 70% would rather die at home; half of us will die in hospital. An Advance Decision could help.
  • 85% browse before they buy… so browse this blog and be an informed consumer!


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