Funeral as a celebration of life

These days, we often look upon a funeral as a celebration of life as well as an opportunity to mourn a death.

Funeral, ceremony, wake, memorial… whatever you call it, these goodbyes are all ‘rites of passage’ – events for friends and families to come together after a death to say farewell and honour a life. Ceremonies called ‘life celebrations’ may also be held before a death.

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Should children attend funerals?

Funerals are as important for children as they are for adults. They need to understand what’s going on the world. Plain talk helps. Honesty. Being part of what’s going on. Care and attention. It’s not rocket science. See our books for some titles that might help them understand. Find out more about Young People and […]

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Poem or reading for a funeral

If you’re looking for poems and readings for a funeral, there is a host of great writers out there who have created powerful and moving lines about the deaths of loved ones that are often quoted at funerals. And there are some just about life, love, nature, spiritual mysteries that serve as funeral poems very well. You can use a whole, short poem or take a excerpt of a paragraph or two from longer readings.

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