5 Simple Steps to Joie de Vivre

At Final Fling we advocate living life to the full… with a spirit of joie de vivre. That’s what this is all about really… sorting out your affairs so you can get on with living your life. I’ve had two connections this week that reassure me that what we’re doing is indeed valuable.

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End of life planning: Fling-O-Bingo

If you want to engage others in thinking and talking about end of life planning, try a bit of Fling-O-Bingo to get the wheels oiled. We use this as a way of talking about key documents next of kin will need. We first used it at the Ideal Death Show in 2013. Recently, we shared it with […]

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Wealth Management

Whether you own a big car, a fleet of cars or a bus pass, wealth management might still be worth thinking about.

This week, we talk to Matthew de Courcy Ireland, independent financial adviser and pre-retirement specialist, to find out more.

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