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Final Fling’s Life Planning Tools encourage you to live life to the full – with the end in mind.

For one in 4 of us, we won’t know when the end is coming. Unpredictable death comes to that many of us. In fact, every 22 minutes in the UK a parent dies leaving dependent children. By the age of 16, one in 20 young people will have lost a parent. (See Plan If campaign from the national Childhood Bereavement Network if you need any encouragement to get yourself organised.)

See 5 reasons for planning. Find out more about making a Will. See the 20 essential documents next of kin will need.

So whether you’re thinking about caretaking digital legacies for the next generation, want to save others the burden of difficult decisions or just want to take responsibility for your own life and stay in control, try our Life Planning Tools.

Thinking of others

Life Planning Tools: Memory Box

Final Fling Memory Box posts

Final Fling Memory Box posts

Don’t expect anyone else to sort through your 5,342 photos on Flickr! Use Final Fling’s Memory Box to store the stuff that matters… pass on family photos, old home movies, sound clips, messages, tell your life story.

Life Planning Tools: Funeral Wishes

Final Fling Funeral Wishes

Use the Life Planning Tools to capture thoughts, inspiration and preferences when you think about your own Final Fling – your funeral wishes, life celebration send-0ff, wake.

Life Planning Tools: Notices & Tributes

Notices & Tributes on Final Fling

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just a moment when someone comes into mind, Notices & Tributes provides a space to share the thought. We agree with our friends Jane and Jimmy who lost their son Josh in an accident; it’s important to Say Their Name.

Thinking for yourself

Life Planning Tools: Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

If you know the things you want to do in life, capture them in your Bucket List. There’s a much greater chance of achieving them. Every moment of inspiration counts. Invite friends into your network – recruit playmates.

For the serious planner

Life Planning Tools: Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box

The Safe Deposit Box is the only tool you pay for – the secure space to store the 20 essential documents next of kin will need. Store user names and passwords too. Appoint a Keyholder.

“Makes thinking about the end fun” Val

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