Sort your affairs: legal and financial planning

Sort Your Affairs

Whatever your age, stage and bank balance, you’d be well advised to start and continue to sort your affairs throughout life by doing a bit of legal and financial planning. Always good when the sky is blue and the risk of death seems remote.

Triggers for planning tend to be life stages and milestones: starting earning, starting a relationship, buying property, moving in together, marriage and divorce, planning a family, getting pregnant, having children… and events that make us think about mortality and risk… going on holiday, attending a funeral.

Legal and financial planning

Knowing your legal and financial affairs are sorted gives you peace of mind. It saves others the burden. It saves wrong decisions being made when you’re no longer here to defend your choices. It saves time getting money to the family that might need it after your death. And best of all it almost certainly means you’ll have a parting win over the tax office.

The thing is, do you know who would get your car, cat, home, jewels, tent, laptop – whatever you treasure – if anything happened to you? Are you confident sorting your legal and financial affairs wouldn’t get messy? Do you know if your partner is legally and financially secure and protected? Are you sure an ex wouldn’t gain in any financial divvy-up before a current partner? Would the kids, grandkids or your friends or favourite charity get what you want to leave them? Do you know what’s taxable and what’s not in your Estate?

Don’t leave it too late and don’t leave it to someone else.

It’s not all about avoiding massive Inheritance Tax losses, even if you’re tight for cash, it’s even more important to speak to a professional who will carry out a free legal or financial review. Contact us to link to our specialist for friendly and professional advice.

Things to think about

Have a look at Trust Inheritance’s site to get a sense of the kind of help you might need.

How much help do I need?

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