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Home funerals are making a comeback as the best way of saying goodbye.

A home funeral is at the opposite end of the spectrum to the pomp and circumstance that Victorian funerals heralded and that’s become a bit of a norm in the UK… all shiny cars, top hats, solemnity and wreaths.

Home funerals are about home-made, hand-made, home-baked, lovingly planned. All that is natural, person-centred, comfortable, personal, low key and real. What a tonic. 

One advocate of the home funeral model is Claire Turham of Only With Love funerals. Claire was nominated for Best New Funeral Director this year at the Good Funeral Awards.

This month, as part of Kicking the Bucket Festival, Jerrigrace Lyons – Californian leader in the field of home funerals – will join Claire to lead home funeral workshops in Oxford. These aim to help teach and inspire those interested in home funerals, care after death and creating ceremonies. There’s a chance too for social, with a dinner and film evening  or attend a Death Cafe as part of the Festival. See our Events section for more info. (To book or for info on home funerals, call Claire on 07881641583 or 01865 362984 or email her.)

The workshop will look at for involving friends and family in making decorations for a shroud, picking flowers, making tags to hang on trees and generally be creative together.



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