Funeral Wishes and Last Wishes

Final Fling Funeral Wishes

Final Fling Funeral Wishes

‘Wishes’ is one of the Life Planning Tools on Final Fling – the place to capture funeral wishes and last wishes.

If that random no.10 bus got you, who would know your funeral wishes? If you want to leave your favourite book to your best friend, who would know? If you want a special person by your side (if possible) when you go, who would know?

The scary thing is, one in four of us will NOT die on predictable path. We won’t see it coming. Out of the blue, we’ll be here and then gone. And someone else will have to make our funeral arrangements. And someone will have to clear up behind us. So like a good Brownie or Scout: Be Prepared!

First question after death

The first question always asked after death is ‘burial or cremation?’ so doctors can prepare the appropriate certificates to give permission to cremate (the option for 7 out of 10 of us), so it’s good to know if there’s a preference.

Many more questions

If you’re using a funeral director, s/he will have a pile of questions for you and some choices to make. Get our Funeral Checklist to help you think about funeral wishes.

See our funeral ideas and learn about the rules and options so you can make informed choices about your funeral wishes including funeral music.

3 good reasons for capturing your Wishes:

  1. Save others the burden of difficult decisions
  2. If you have specific things you’d like to happen (or not), it’s the best way to make that likely to happen
  3. You could save a lot of money and angst.

Sign in or sign up now and start using your free Wishes.

One of the options out there is not to have a funeral at all. If that’s what you’d prefer, really, write that down in your Wishes and make sure you appoint a Keyholder who will enact your wishes for you.

The last thing you want is people squabbling about your goods and chattels. There may be things that have huge meaning to someone special that noone else would understand. Don’t let the opportunity pass to celebrate what you have together – make sure that book, CD, gig ticket, piece of junk jewellery, t-shirt gets to the right person.




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