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Final Fling has teamed up with Open Prepaid Funerals to bring you Final Fling Funeral Plan – the best quality, best value, most flexible funeral plan we think you’ll find (or your money back!*)

Final Fling’s Funeral Plan mean you pay a fixed sum now and know that the core costs of your funeral are covered. The plan is administered and funds are managed carefully through Open Prepaid Funerals so when the day comes – whenever that might be – you’re sorted.

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Whichever plan you choose, we’ll bring in the level of support you want from a flexible, professional, local, independent Funeral Director. They’ll help your family get you the send-off you want. They’ll work with your kith and kin to make arrangements. They’ll offer advice and guidance. They’ll step back into the shadows and let friends and family play a lead or step up and take charge if everyone’s a bit lost.

  1. NO FUSS : £1,895 


In a nutshell: cremation only 

A local Funeral Director collects and cares for your body, organises the cremation and lets you know the date and time. There’s no formal service or mourners present. The funeral director will give the ashes to nominated family or friends and you then have the freedom to mark the moment with a quiet ash-scattering, afternoon tea, a quiet toast or a big old celebration of life. A great funeral plan for the least fuss.
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2. MY WAY : £2,090 

Remembrance Day for Lost Species

In a nutshell: eco, traditional funeral

A local Funeral Director collects and cares for the body, organises a burial or cremation, books a celebrant (Humanist, minister, priest or inter-faith minister to lead the ceremony) and liaises with your folks all the way. On the day, the Funeral Director drives the hearse and makes sure everything runs smoothly. The eco bit is making sure the coffin is environmentally friendly and has a low-carbon impact. Your family or Estate will pay for the third party costs at the time of the funeral. The ideal funeral plan if you want to keep it simple and a bit traditional.
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3. FINAL FLING : £3,290 

housewarm your burial plotIn a nutshell: simply the best

A local Funeral Director collects and cares for your body, organises a burial or cremation, books a celebrant, provides a hearse on the day, and manages the funeral. The difference here is that there is an extra £1,100 in the budget – so if you’d like to pay for the funeral tea or want a limousine for your nearest and dearest to travel in, there’s scope. You can talk about wishes at the time and contribute that money to the costs. A funeral plan that can flex to suit your needs.
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Remember: the value of the plan grows and will cover today’s costs at time of need in the future.  There can be costs outside the funeral fees to cover at the time…  burial fees, registration certificates.

Get more info here about funeral costs. The Funeral Director can keep you right so that you’re clear what costs are fixed and where you can make choices. Remember, you can save money and have a lovely warm send-off at home, with a pot of soup, a toast to life and storytelling.

To help you decide which funeral plan might suit, get more information first about various approaches to organising a funeral:

Understand more about what a funeral director does.


See all 3 plans and BUY one today on our partner, Open Prepaid Funeral’s website.


*Our promise

If you find a plan you think offers better value within 12 months, we’ll give you your money back. T&C apply of course.