Finale Fling

I hit another big milestone in March. If the world was normal, I would have my bus pass by now and be taking me and my white hair on jaunts. As it happens, they’re not issuing bus passes and there’s nowhere to go.

I think about all the other people missing out on small and big rites of passage moments. Last day at primary school… graduation… funerals.

It’s also made me think about my next chapter on the journey.

I’m lucky to have more milestones in me – DV, as Gran Black used to say.

I’ve decided it’s time for change.

So, as users already know, I’m winding down Final Fling. I’m going to share a couple blogs from lovely Flingers who wrote to tell me what the site has meant to them. It’s meant the world to me to hear what a difference I’ve been able to make to help bleak times bearable.

I’ll be passing the baton to friends in the field and I’ll be busy doing other related things so stay alert!

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One thought on “Finale Fling

  1. All the verry best In whatever related interest (s?) you decide to do Barbara.
    Your website and practical ideas & suggestions have enabled me to face my own ‘inevitable’ in a more confident and pragmatic way.
    You started a trend that has grown arms and legs which I’m sure will have been an amazing resource for people out there during Covid.
    All my very best wishes for your future LIFE ⭐️

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