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1950 s Corner Shop

Welcome to Final Fling’s corner shop.


We’ve been scouring the shelves to create a wee corner shop to save you time. We’ve found all sorts of goodies that might be helpful at a time of need… guides, artefacts, salves and soothers that may help with the twisting turning journey that leads us from life to death and beyond.

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  • films, music, books, novels, self-help guides and poetry – to help reflect on death and dying; to help with loss and grief; to find the right words for a funeral; to help organise a funeral
  • crafts materials to help you make decorations for a funeral, memorial or life celebration
  • stationery for thank you notes
  • memory boxes to help sort your artefacts, pass on treasures
  • trinkets and memorials to help remember someone important
  • salves and soothers to provide a bit of life support for yourself and others in stressful times
  • scatter tubes and urns to store ashes.

If you come across lovely things that might help others, please share with us so we can add to our corner shop.

Why a corner shop?

I joined the world at the tail end of the make-do-and-mend post-War period so I learned to sew, craft, alter, make, fashion, create, pick things up off skips and clean them up. I was recreating pre-owned delights long before ‘upcycling’ snuck into the dictionary. As a young, impoverished mother at the beginning of the 90s – that hideous period of consumerism – I continued in my old ways… made my own maternity wear, tarted up an old wooden play pen and cot, made sheets for the cot, picked up an old bath in a junk shop, gratefully received hand-me-down baby wear from a friend.

I’m still not a big fan of spending money frivolously or fruitlessly but I love beautifully crafted words, music, artefacts and clever ideas that help us make life a little smoother. At a time of crisis, it may be useful to have a personal shopper to help out. And when time is of the essence and the clock’s against us, every little helps.

From corner shop to Marketplace

The corner shop is for products and goods. Our Marketplace also offers a range of services – from celebrants to death doulas, musicians to printers, biographers, painters and film-makers who can create a personal portrait, writers and wordsmiths who can help with funeral words.


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