Designing compassion into services for death and dying

Where’s Wally moment… spot the white mop behind a hand!

Designing compassion into services for death and dying has been at the heart of Final Fling’s work since our online community launched in 2012. 

6 years on, Founder Barbara Chalmers presented a slot on designing compassion into services for death at the Everyday Compassion conference organised by Good Life Good Death Good Grief to bring together death workers from all over Scotland and beyond.

If you want to hear Barbara talk more about what Final Fling is and does, and what Barbara is and does, tune into this audio clip on Good Life’s new You Tube channel. (Barbara’s 5 minute slot starts at 18 minutes… listen in to check out whether she delivers her pacy presentation within her 5 minute timed slot or gives Mark Hazelwood from Good Life his wish … the chance to blow his whistle to call time!)

Barbara’s short presentation describes Final Fling as a passion project, delivered after carrying out user research and applying service design thinking to shape this innovation. There’s still nothing like Final Fling out there to help people make end of life plans free.

Listen in too to other rapid fire presentations from wide-ranging activists, interested in changing our experiences of life, death and dying.

Want to be a bit of an activist yourself? Why not host an event and join in Good Life’s Absent Friends Festival in November. There are small grants available to help.



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