Real life experience stories

pram bro mum

Jane Duffy and brother getting pushed around by mum

We are happy to share real life experience stories about life and death. Lived experience has so much to offer others who might be at the start of a journey.

Contact us if you are happy to share your stories… we blog every week. Don’t worry if you’re not a great writer. We’ll help you shape your words to tell your story.

See how others deal with death in their day to day life.

Real life experience stories about living with challenges

Jane tells us about living with Huntington’s Disease. We love Jane’s spirited approach. She doesn’t have a Bucket List, she has a F**k It List.

Gemma shares the story of her daughter’s life limiting condition and how the family cope. Gemma’s openness is a gift.

Your tips for life and death

Bryher offers tips if you’re thinking of decluttering your life. In a nutshell, don’t rush at it.

How others cope with life and death

Jane and Jimmy started Postcards to Josh to remember the son they lost in a motorbike accident.

Caroline shares how organising a ceilidh seemed the right thing after the sudden death of her husband Pat.

Libby talks about the importance of having hope.

Josefine and husband started the Natural Death Centre just before he died. What a legacy.

Sharon marks the anniversary of her partner’s death each year on his ‘deidiversary’.

Evelyn shares about letting go, finding peace, and life as an orphan – at 61.



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