Planning for death (not just the funeral)

Thanks to Compassion In Dying for their thoughts on planning for death this week. “When planning for the end, consider your death, not just your funeral,” they advise…

When we think of planning for the end of our lives, what will often come to mind are funeral arrangements and ensuring your affairs are settled after you’ve gone. But what we often neglect to consider is the dying process itself – what healthcare and treatment we might receive and what our death will be like as a result.

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This is Me dementia care document

I’ve just recently come across the great thing that is the This is Me dementia care document and thought I should share it. This came up when I had the privilege of speaking in Cardiff at the Byw Nawr (Live Now) event last week for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017. We were playing Fling-O-Bingo and I […]

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Time for a Life MOT?

Are you interested in a Life MOT? Barbara Chalmers, Founder of Final Fling offers personalised Life MOT packages. A qualified life coach, executive coach, and COSCA Counselling Skills qualified, Barbara is trained in MAP and PATH techniques and is also considered a death coach.

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Living eulogy

Writing a eulogy can be a daunting task – so make it easier by starting your own living eulogy. This week, Carole Renshaw shares how a living eulogy – a work of autobiography -transformed a funeral and has made that the standout funeral to date in her experience.

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#Good to Be Alive

 I’m inviting Flingers to share one good reason that it’s Good to Be Alive this week. #GTBA Final Fling isn’t just about funerals and dying. It’s about the complex stuff we have to deal with while we’re alive. And part of that is actually being able to appreciate life. I’m very alert to the theme Good to Be […]

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Life Planning Tools

Final Fling’s Life Planning Tools encourage you to live life to the full – with the end in mind. So whether you’re thinking about caretaking digital legacies for the next generation, want to save others the burden of difficult decisions or just want to take responsibility for your own life and stay in control, try our Life Planning Tools.

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Funeral Wishes and Last Wishes

If that random no.10 bus got you, who would know your funeral wishes?

The scary thing is, one in four of us will NOT die on predictable path. That means we won’t see it coming. Out of the blue, we’ll be here and then gone. And someone else will have to make our funeral arrangements.

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Memory Box

Do you have a Memory Box under the bed?

Great. Lovely for keeping locks of hair and old birthday cards and love letters.

There’s another way you might like to store digital treasures. Final Fling’s Memory Box.

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Make your funeral wishes known

I’m making a serious plea this week to make your funeral wishes known to your friends and/or family.
I’ve just had a phone call from ‘Ewan’ – a friend of a Final Flinger ‘Jim’. Our poor Flinger is terminally ill and has now slipped into unconsciousness.

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The benefits of planning

  Planning ahead gives you peace of mind. It takes the burden off family. See the Top 3 reasons for planning. One of Final Fling’s users, Val, told us that she’d no idea sorting out her end of life plans could be so much fun! She’s not expecting to die any time soon, but she likes […]

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