Women Do Death Differently

10 years ago, it occurred to me that maybe women do death differently. That’s when I bought the domain name,  Final Fling, in the hope that I could contribute in some way. We’re more about emotional engagement than transaction. We’re collaborative, supportive, we cut to the chase and focus on the important things. We’re good at […]

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When’s a good time for talking about death?

When is a good time for taking about death? We think any time at all. We advocate openness, tackling the taboo. We believe it’s good to talk to children about death and dying to make it a normal part of life, not something mysterious and scary. We think it’s good to check in from time with friends, family, partner on thoughts. This week we’ve invited Elaine Bramhall her thoughts the subject.

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Dying to Live

If you’re dying to live – or even more, if you’re not dying to live – maybe because of hard times, emotional stress, confusion, illness – we think you ought to treat yourself to Dying to Live workshops that take place in Dorset in November and Cornwall in June each year. Read more about them and book now for early bird rates.

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To Absent Friends Festival

To Absent Friends: a festival of remembrance launches 1-7 November 2014 across Scotland. Coordinated by Good Life Good Death Good Grief it’s been conceived as a way of remembering our loved and lost. See the film about the idea behind To Absent Friends. To Absent Friends, a People’s Festival of Storytelling and Remembrance is an opportunity to revive lost traditions and create […]

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Resources & Links

This site is jam packed full of Resources & Links: information, tips, signposting and help.

Here’s what you can do:

Browse our big fat blog with lots of information and resources
Sign up to use our FREE Life Planning Tools so you can sort your affairs (and get on with leading your life)
Check out the Marketplace to find funeral services, legal and financial services, funeral plans and more.

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Talking about death

Despite the fact that we all die, some people seem to have difficulty talking about death and dying. Final Fling encourages talking about death and dying. We hold Death Cafes, blog on life and death and chat in social about death and dying. A spirited pragmatic approach.

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