Assisted Dying Bill: urgent request

This week I’m making an urgent request to pick up a pen and urge members of the House of Lords to support The Assisted Dying Bill on 7 November.

The Bill would give us the right to choose to end our life if we felt its quality was so diminished that death would be preferable and two doctors agreed we were of sound mind and able to make an informed choice for ourselves.

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Death and loss

Death and loss It’s a sad truth, but the fact is we’re all living and we’re all dying. As difficult as it may be to accept, death is an inevitable part of life. At Final Fling we don’t waste time dwelling on the negative of this, instead we see death as the counterpoint that makes […]

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If your heart stopped, would you want to be resuscitated? If you are not ill at the moment, this may not seem very relevant but if your beliefs or wishes mean this is really not OK for you, you should record this.

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LGBT + dying

If it’s hard for your average Jo(e) to face the end of life and get the ‘good death’ we all deserve, how does it work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people?

As human beings, we’re all different. We all need to have our needs met and be recognised as an individual.

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Death of a baby

What a sadness. The loss of a baby… at any point in the pregnancy, at the time of birth or before you get a chance to know each other better. Remembrance photography can be a helpful part of the healing process. To get a photo of you together before you say goodbye. There’s a lovely […]

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Suicide is on the increase. For every 1% increase in unemployment there’s a 1% increase in suicide. The official approach within the caring professions is to respect the individual’s right to choose and many more social workers and medical staff are trained to support people who are suicidal.

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