Assisted Dying Bill – what next

Young people + lossThe Assisted Dying Bill, had its first day of Committee in the House of Lords on 7 November 2014.  

A great breakthrough was achieved – for the first time the debate was about HOW, not IF, the law should change.

Pressure from individuals, demands of the courts and the evidence of public support has meant the House of Lords has now accepted that the status quo is unsustainable.

Change is afoot and the Lords are looking at how we can provide greater choice and protection at the end of life.

See what the media said:

What next for the Assisted Dying Bill?

We are still in the Committee stage and nothing can progress further until Parliament schedules another day of debate.

Our friends at Dignity in Dying will let us know as they know when this will happen. See how you can help the campaign.

See where Scotland is on Assisted Suicide.

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