How-to guide to Final Fling

150820 fling into film screen grabHere’s a How-to guide to using your Final Fling account.

Start with the 1 minute film on the home page to get a sense of how to use the site. Then use this how-to guide to step through setting up.

The site is designed to be intuitive and works like many other social media sites, on the basis of creating posts – short bits of text with attachments, like photos, film, music, documents.

The 3 most important things to our users are:

  1. that the site is easy and engaging to use… we want it to be a positive experience in itself; never mind the many other benefits of thinking and planning ahead;
  2. that users are in control of what information is shared publicly and what is private;
  3. that the site is secure – see Privacy Policy point 4.

We hope you agree we’ve achieved all these 3 points and welcome feedback and ideas.

How-to guide

2 sign up details
1) Sign up for an account… it’s free and easy. Click the yellow button: ‘Get Started’.
2 sign up details2) Fill in your details and get going. We’ll send you a confirmation email as a two-step security process.

3 update profile3) Complete your profile. You’ll see a page like this: you’re now in the ‘stream’ and see other users’ posts. Click on the yellow button to update your profile.
4 settings>profile4) Settings: this is the page you’ll see to update your profile. ‘Choose photo’ lets you add a portrait pic of yourself.  ‘Choose background’ lets you select a banner heading. Choose a nice long photo for this. High resolution will make it look good. You can change them as often as you like. Fill in other details.

5 my page-stream5) My Final Fling: this is how a page looks with portrait and banner photos added. Return to your page at any time by clicking on your profile photo or ‘finalfling‘, both top left.

6 top buttons

6) Life Planning Tools: at the top of the page you’ll see the Life Planning Tools: Bucket List, Notices & Tributes, Memory Box, Wishes, Safe Deposit. Click on any one to start adding your thoughts, wishes, ideas and connect with your family, friends and other Flingers.

7 wishes7) Wishes: this shows a selection of funeral wishes and last wishes – like favourite music, flowers and wee gifts to leave behind… a book from childhood or something that’s not likely to make a Will.  If you’re planning a funeral you might want to share ideas with a small group: your appointed family & friends.

8 bucketlist8) Bucket List: post inspiring things to do before you die. Keep your dreams to the fore! Share with your network and encourage each other to sign up for trips together.

9 privacy9) Privacy and sharing: you might happily share publicly everything in your Bucket List. You might want to share just with friends & family. You are likely to want to share posts in your Safe Deposit Box only with your Keyholder(s). You elect access post by post by clicking on ‘Privacy – Make this public’ and if you prefer, choose to share with friends/family (your private network) or your Keyholders.

10) follow
10) Connecting: you can follow folk who post interesting stuff – like Singers for Funerals and connect with family and friends – even other Flingers you come across that share your interests. Click on the yellow Follow button bottom right under the banner pic. You can unfollow at any time clicking there again. 11) appoint

11) Appoint keyholders: there are just a couple steps to appoint a Keyholder. Invite your friend/family members to join Final Fling. You must both post something into ‘the stream’. When you see their post appear, click on their name and Follow them. They do the same. Once you’ve both done this, when you click on each other’s name above a post, you’ll see on the left under the profile pic the option to Add to Friends & Family or Assign [name] as Keyholder. Easy.

top nav

12) Navigation: remember, at any time, click on ‘finalfling’ top left or ‘My Final Fling’ top right to get back to your ‘stream’.

B's Bucketlist - delete12) Delete a post

Posted something and wish you hadn’t? Easy. Click on the post to open it again and click ‘delete’ at the foot.


Get in touch with any questions. Email us.